Anyone know where to get an extra dustbag?

  1. Hi, I have a bordeaux twiggy I bought from eBay some time ago that didn't have it's dustbag. I have been playing musical chairs with the dust bags as long as I am wearing a Bbag. Lately, I have been using my LV Neo Cabby and had to store the twiggy in the LV dustbag. To keep things simple I need a B dustbag, but BalNY doesn't sell them. Anyone know where I could find one? Been looking on eBay for a while..Thanks!!
  2. Me too, I have the same problem. I still keep looking on eBay but find no one yet.:crybaby:
  3. I asked at Bal Milan whether I could buy a dustbag because one of mine got destroyed by a lamp that exploded (yes, really) and they were VERY rude to me.
    Perhaps if you ask at Bal NY you'll have better luck?
  4. ^I've tried BalNY and got an equally rude response. Perhaps if/when you purchase a new bag is a good time to ask? or if you have a great relationship with an SA. Would be great if eventually BalNY sold them like they do tassles.
  5. ^I keep forgetting to ask. I think when my weekender comes in, I'm going to ask my SA for an extra dustbag (lost one) and see what happens.
  6. My friend just bought a second hand Balenciaga bag, and there was no dust bag. That seller lost it. Does anyone know that is it possible to purchase a dust bag?:confused1:

    Thank you very much. :smile:
  7. It seems that it's nearly impossible to get your hands on an *additional/extra* box or dustbag unless, of course, you recieve a bag without them and you arrange with the store that you purchased from to you to send you one when they arrive.

    There is even a "waiting list" for white boxes now... lol

    My advice - keep an eye out on eBay as they do pop up from time to time, or just use a no-namer. Even a pillowcase will do the job until you find something suitable!
  8. I think a good relationship with a good SA is key as I was able to get an extra one when I made a purchase last week. I lost my dustbag in Sicily, we were doing an archaeological tour of the island in 8 days, a new hotel every night, bound to happen that I forget/lose something.