Anyone know where to get a L'amore Buon Viaggio?

  1. I pretty much live in Washington (tacoma), and I have yet to find a place that even SELLS Tokidoki. And if there is, ill prolly have to drive 100 miles to get there LOL.
    I found one on eBay, but its already pretty pricey, and it still has 5 days left. -twitch-
    Anyone selling one for a pretty good deal?
    Or KNOW someone selling one? :'D

    I should go into Toki rehab before its too late. v__v
  2. Try stalking LJ...sometimes Amore bags show up there.

    btw, you might want to edit your post because the mods are pretty strict about buying/selling on this forum...dont want you to get into trouble.
  3. Stalking who now?
  4. Livejournal - Shoptokidoki & tokiholics communities.
  5. Oh ohh. Kay.
    The one on eBay is money order only.
    I dont know how to do that. @_@
  6. I wouldn't do a money order anyway lol...scary going through the mail system not knowing if it's going to get there and the seller, if they're dishonest can say they never got it...and you'd never know what happeend lolz and be out money..paypal is easier.
  7. Ah poop. Yeah, I figured.
    I really really want a lamore buon viaggio.
    SO BAD.
    I want it for schoooo:huh:oool.
    Or a lesportsac needs to be like, next door to my house.
  8. Well like KulaBear said...JapanLA does have them and they do chargesends...shipping is not that bad, but the bags are retail.
  9. Yeaaah. I just have to find a way to persuade my father to buy them. >__>
  10. Haha, yes good luck to you. I do not ask my parents or my boyfriend to buy me tokidoki stuff, I feel bad's an addiction so if I can't feed my own addiction, I just stop. LOL.
  11. Lol well, its not like that. I have to work for what I want.. Ive been doing yard work for the past 3 days just to get a spiaggia bambino.
    But they might think it different because its for school.
    Yah know?
  12. hahah ok, as long as you work for it :biggrin: lol. & yessss school related stuff you can ask for hahahhhhahah :biggrin:
  13. Ha yeah!
    I was just hoping I could find a better deal than an arm and leg for it.
    But I dont think thats going to happen, so I need to go clean my room and do dishes before my dad gets home to butter him up a little.