*Anyone know where to find lots of pics of Asian women with LV on the internet?*

  1. I like looking at pictures of Asian women with Louis Vuitton. I think they are beautiful and have so much style. It's interesting to see what kinds of bags they choose to wear and the outfits they wear them with. Anyone know where I can find lots of pictures of Asian women and their LV bags on the internet?
  2. u might want to try google? I know there are quite a few pix of Asian lady w/Hermes in Hermes forum ^^; Japanese magazines are also wonderful w/lots of pix and diverse people pair their LV in unique ways.
  3. Which Asian magazines? I've heard that JJ is a good one.
  4. Brand Joy would be a good one.
  5. Interesting fetish?

    Edit... our visual aids thread? ;P
  6. http://www.my-vuitton.jp/album.html

    from japanese purse form type of place..... i used to go there, but people are mean.....so not so much anymore!!!! it is their ref page....enjoy!
  7. japanese magazines such as JJ, CanCam, ViVi usually have lots of pics.

    sophi618: what a great resource you are!! :biggrin:
  8. i'm asian. :smile:

    want a picture of me? hehe
  9. Am asian, want to see my picture?haha:tender:
  10. lol that site is good for reference but i cant help thinking its a little bit *stalkerish* :wtf: