Anyone know where to find an Oval Clutch?

  1. Hi! I'm looking to purchase my first bbag and I've fallen in love with the oval clutch after looking at all your pics. I haven't been able to find one though...I know the style was discontinued.

    Anyone know where I might be able to find an oval clutch (besides eBay)?

    Thanks for any help!
  2. BalNY have them...i ordered the lilac yesterday.
  3. Bagdizzy- Do you know what colors they had? I too love the oval clutch, for some reason I thought it was discontinued. Maybe I am confusing it with the ghost.
  4. Yayy you dizzy girl, :p congrats. :yahoo: You finally got it and in Lilac.:wlae:
  5. thanks nanaz:smile:

    bohomamma:smile: they have white, black & truffle, im not sure if they still have them today. call balNy, look for kim
  6. thanks! Going to call today. So excited :smile:
  7. kim have an exact opinion as yours, guess it will be nice to add some colors in dh is a neutral color person.

    if it will not work....ill just have to let go of it:p
  8. Kim is a sweetheart. :heart: She knows my taste and that is why we get along so well. She is also very pretty.:yes:
  9. ooohhhh thank you! There is someone up there listening to my prayers! Black or white? I would get greige or lilac if they had it. Or natural. Not a brown person so I guess its down to black or white, probably white........ Hope they still have them when I get around to it.

    DO they make a few every season or is it truly discontinued.

    Sorry for the 101 questions!
  10. Hi, yes the oval clutch seems still available when i enquire with Bal NY few wks ago (even though i also thought it was a discontinued style) and they have like black or white available at that time....i'm not sure abt their current stocks now....u can check it out from them directly in case u are keen......:smile:
  11. BAGDIZZY -Congrats on the lilac !!!! That is a catch - I only thought they had black and white..... Please post pics!!!!
  12. The Oval Clutch is in fact DISCONTINUED after Fall Winter 2006.

    So all Bal NY and Neimans would have are older colors/stock.
  13. Incoralblue - thanks for the above.....i'm sure it's already discontinued...if we still able to find them, it's actually past stocks since i remember hearin them sayin the black oval clutch is 06.....u may be absolutely right on this.....:smile: