Anyone know where to find a ocean workbag with sgh?

  1. Yes, I`am at it again.:sweatdrop:

    Looking for the right bag...

    This time I am searching for an ocean workbag with sgh, after the first offer fell
    thru(long story).:cursing:

    Any of you seen this bag in any stores around the world, let me know.:crybaby:
    I know it`s a matter of being patient.:boxing:But want it now.:girlsigh:
  2. Swiss, boy are you right about keeping patient!!:sweatdrop: I am the most impatient person I know when it comes to something I WANT!! I must go out and literally search for it that very instant!!:hysteric:How is your beautiful EB Work doing?:smile: SGH Ocean would look amazing!!! I just saw Ocean IRL..beautiful color!!!
  3. Haven't seen one in the Work style but I do know that Aloha Rag has the Brief in Ocean with SGH. Just in case you're interested...
  4. Eb is fine..I just wanted a ocean instead, the blue is more muted, but
    I love the ocean....thanks chinkee21
  5. last I checked BalNY had one, but I don't know if they still do. Give them a try.
  6. Swissflower,

    Did you buy your Ocean GSH?

    LIZA from Canada.
  7. They have one at Cult Status in Australia but prices are higher.