Anyone know where to buy Authentic Uggs in Vancouver?

  1. I saw some in Stoneridge at Metrotown today, anyone know where else I can buy them? TIA!
  2. I've only heard of Stone Ridge too, sorry.
  3. Did you try Holt Renfrew?

    Or you can order from Saks, they ship to Canada.
  4. Thanks for your replies. I'd rather get them from Stoneridge than Holt Renfrew.
  5. Artizia, Browns (Oakridge) and B2. Plus they are on sale now.
  6. I was at Artizia at Metrotown and didn't see any? :confused1:

    Which stores have them on sale? The Uggs are still full price at Stoneridge.
  7. B2 is in downtown Robson, next to aritzia (which is the next closest place to Park Royal) or Joneve shoes located in Park Royal. (saw it on their website but not sure if they have it in store)
  8. Well I was at B2 on Robson today and the girl there said that Uggs never go on sale. :sad:
  9. If you get the chance to get them from the US, I'd do it. Not sure if you've done a recent price comparsion, but with the relatively okay dollar (even though not as great as before), it's still almost cheaper by about $100 if you buy them from the US!
  10. Hiii,
    I'm from Holland (europe).
    Do you know what is the everage price of Uggs in Vancouver??
    Because i'm going on holiday to vancouver and Uggs are so expensive in Holland, so I want to buy them in Vancouver :biggrin:
    Oh, and sorry for my bad english, if it is bad :p