Anyone know where the Azur line will be made?

  1. France? US? Spain? Thanks!!
  2. I guessing France for the first batch, then probably the US as this is a permanent line. As far as I can tell usually only limited-edition bags are made in Spain?
  3. LOL Sounds good to me!!

    I hope my Speedy is from France!! (not that it REALLY matters...I am just weird!!)
  4. When I was looking at the Damier Azur Cles today, the heat stamp read "made in Spain"... nonetheless, I woulda bought it if it was my cup of tea... and would carless where it was made... it's still LV. :P
  5. LOL yeah I know wanting one made in France is silly. :smile:
  6. I don't think it sounds silly! I can't wait to actually get to France and buy one there, though! :yahoo:
  7. LOL That is my dream!!!
  8. I think that's mostly everyone's dream to go to the main LV store and buy something... :P
  9. :true:
  10. Haha, but not all the goods in the Champs Elysee store are made in France!!
  11. LOL Thats true:smile:
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