Anyone know where I can still get a heart coin purse in pomme d'amour?

  1. I've fallen in love with them a bit late and am having trouble finding one:sad: Can anyone help me find one please? I'm in London though so not sure if the Boutiques abroad do international shipping? What would you ladies suggest I do? TIA:flowers:
  2. I can't help you (sorry) but I can certainly sympathize with you in this matter. I fell in love last year with the pomme d'amour heart when I saw a picture of it and had no idea it had already come out a few days before and sold out...I was too late and just sighed and cried and looked at them over and over on eBay. I was too afraid to buy one from eBay and felt that the prices were OOC!!! Anyway, this year I see the post on this board about them being available on about 3 hours too late. I fell in love with the Amarante and Pomme D'Amour but once again missed out on the lovely hearts! I seriously wanted to start crying...I actually love hearts in general and collect anything I can get my hands on that's in the shape of the heart any time of the year, not just around Valentine's Day.

    When I read on the boards (no offense to anyone) that they don't want their hearts anymore or they are returning how many ever extra ones/colors they bought it's a little frustrating because I just want one... I don't know if I can wait ANOTHER year (if they'll even make them again next year). I was still searching at Christmas time on eBay trying to decide whether or not I should buy one. I feel my heart is broken on this pun intended!

    I live in the States so I truly have no idea how to get one in London, but I just thought I'd let you know that you're not alone. Good luck in your searching. I hope you find one!
  3. I just received a call yesteraday from Saks they had gotten their shipment. Try the Saks in NJ in Riverside Square, Hackensack. Good luck
  4. I guess it's sold out anywhere.:s I'm in love with the heart coin purse too!!!
  5. Thanx mariah9999, hope you find one too:yes:
    I was doing the same as you actually lol, tried to check ebay but the prices are way too high!:tdown:

    newcitylady-Thanx so much for the info!:heart: Do you know if saks ships abroad?
  6. Keep checking They'll pop up!!
  7. Sorry not sure, let me know if I can help only around 20 minutes from that store
  8. Aww you're so kind newcitylady! This is why I love this forum!:heart:
    Thanx to another lovely PFer I've been able to locate one!:yahoo:
    I'll have my fingers crossed for you other ladies who are still looking for one ;)
  9. Good, a happy ending! Percephonie, you will have to post your pics when you get it.
  10. Wow! I'm so happy you found one! I wish I could find one too in Amarante or Pomme d'amour....I'd love help in locating one if anyone can help me too. I just want to buy it from authentic lv retail so I don't have to worry, you know? I gave up all hope when I wasn't on a waitlist...:crybaby:
  11. Congrats percephonie. I'm so happy you found one in Pomme, isn't it beautiful?

    Don't give up Mariah. Call the 866# and ask them to locate a store that has either the Pomme or Amarante for you. They will find a store that has it listed in stock and call to put it on hold for you. If you can't make it to the store (different state from where you are), the store can ship it to you for about $10 shipping fee. I did that yesterday to try to find a Violette one and the rep on the phone helped me track one down. Good luck!
  12. That's funny I called the 866 number yesterday too and the person basically told me it was out of stock and out of luck! No help whatsoever with locating a return, etc., at a store. I'd gladly pay shipping if they'd locate one at a store for me! I really gave my heart set on Amarante...maybe that color is just not returned as often?!?!?
  13. keep on trying... :tup:
  14. Oh I'm sorry to hear that. If you don't mind, try calling the 866 # again, some reps are more helpful than others. Mine told me that there were a number of Amarante ones listed in the US stores. If that doesn't work, try giving Winnie at the LV in the NYC Saks a call and see if she can locate one for you. She's the best SA ever. Don't give up yet.
  15. I have an amarante on the way.. I'll let you know if I decide not to keep it. I'm embarrassed to tell my SA I don't want it (see other thread) ;)