Anyone know where i can get tokidoki hoodies please?

  1. i've been searching everywhere and i cant seem to find anything..
    maybe because its summer and im searching for hoodies..?
    but im really looking for a girls adios star all-over print hoodie ..
    so if anyones seen one at
    a store or an online store or anything.. please let me know! =]
  2. Try That's where I got mine.
  3. I got mine at Demo.
  4. I bought mine online from (back when it was Azalea Online).. I've also seen it in person @ Metropark in the Houston Galleria.
  5. Occasionally they're on eBay, but looks like just mens' are on there today. That's probably going to be the only place though.. or lj. Planetfunk still had them on their website recently, but it looks like they must've sold out.
  6. imo the ones on eBay are overpriced (over 100?!).. i got mine for around 60 with shipping because of the 10% off code.
  7. I got mine from And your first time ordering, you can get 10% off by answering a survey.
  8. Did you try JapanLa?? :tup:
  9. yea i tried eBay but they only have the mens one

    and i tried japanla but i guess they dont have the audios star all over print anymore .. because i dont see it on their website..

    and i tried planet funk but they dont have the audios star one either just the other ones.

    eek =[ im saddd :crybaby:
  10. I got mine from Metropark (in store not online), try calling them...
  11. alright thanks guys i guess ill just continue my search =]] any other suggestions are always welcome! thanks again =]
  12. is one place, Jamie is very cool also, Metropark on line store, I believe may have some items, also try urban outfitters and pac sun