Anyone Know Where I Can get This?

  1. This bag has been out of stores for a while, but does anyone know if there is someplace where I canstill buy it in white? I believe it is called "Elise". The picture is of Selma Blair holding it, sorry if it is hard to see.
    Thanks :yes:
  2. Oops for some reason the picture did not load...
  3. Okay I'm kind of bad with computers but I'm going to try again =P
  4. Diana, it seems like you figured it out already. =)
    Selma Blair's bag is Quilted Ursula Large Bowler in Chalk.

  5. I saw the bag at Saks Off 5th in Arundel Mills over a week ago. You might be able to find it at one of the Saks Off 5th stores.
  6. Hopefully it's still there! And I think they have a 20% off coupon this weekend. Too bad they off 5th stores can't do a central search as it would save time rather than calling each individual store...
  7. ugh, TELL me about it! i spent literally over an hour yesterday on the phone, trying to find a store that had the shoes i wanted.....went all the way from arizona to illinois before someone finally found them. man, the things we'll do! :roflmfao: