Anyone know where I can get this bag?

  1. BBorS will sometimes let you "steal" the bag (purchase it) after you rent it, but it may not end up being a good deal, and there is always the chance they don't let you "steal!" I will keep my eyes out for you!
  2. thanks, I was just looking at older posts, and someone said that it was really stiff.. does anyone have experience with it? I know I would hate a stiff bag.

  3. Just a word of caution- the slate has had lots of issues w/ discoloration. If you search this forum for grey or slate color, you'll get lots of hits.

    As to the leather, I have a Sloane, in the same line as the Lena and the leather is the same as Lena. It is thick and not squishy/cushy by any means, IMO. It is very sturdy and can stand up to being thrown about.
  4. I'd be weary of that Slate colour as well, though it's lovely..some people have had their bags turn a nasty shade of yellowy brown from light exposure or whatever (how can you keep your bags out of sunlight...??)
  5. I have the Kooba Lena in Black & love it.. I have seen them in different colors at Saks Off 5th!!
  6. I have a brown bark lena, its very durable, and i just bought the sloane on sale at bag borrow, I love them
  7. Is the Lena a heavy bag?
  8. My black Lena is heavy, my honey is not as heavy. The weight doesnt bother me, they are made so well... the lena can really take a beating and still look brand new.
  9. they have lenas @ BBorS in the outlet in bark and honey...they did yesterday