Anyone know where I can get a Trapeze GM?

  1. I am on the search, but cannot find one for the life of me. I'd love it in either GREY or pink please! :shame:

    I'd be very grateful if someone can steer me towards getting the's a graduation present from myself to myself! :whistle: :yahoo:
  2. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but ebay had a 2 grey ones last week ( I didn't even know trapeze came in grey)...I dont know if someone bought it or they never relisted it. and as for Brown I haven't seen one anywhere for a while!! There are only pink on there but If I see any I'll PM you!!
  3. ebay!
  4. Boo...I hate ebay so much :sad:

    Thanks though, ladies!
  5. Have you tried locating one through 866vuitton?
  6. let-trade had the pink one up the other day
  7. Call the 866 number for sure...they are always helpful. If you would like the Sa I always use, say the word. I love her. She will make anything happen. So it seems!
  8. :cry: I called the 866 line, and they are completely sold out nationwide in both the grey and brown. Why...why..... :cry:
  9. oh no, I'm sorry :cry:
  10. email let-trade, and they can tell you when they get one in
  11. I hope that you'll be able to find one soon. I'm the same type where I can't get myself to bid on ebay because I don't want to get scammed. But I know that ebay may be your only option because they are pretty hard to find now. When the bag first came out last year I was one of the first to pick it up, and the SAs already told me that it was selling really fast because they made very few of them. I would definately pick one up if I saw an authentic one on ebay or let-trade. Good luck on your hunt!