Anyone know where I can get a Tessuto e/w gauffre satchel in blue?

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  1. It's my birthday on Tuesday and I'm trying to locate a tessuto nylon gauffre satchel ideally in blue. I've scoured raffaello and styledrops and can't find any in the UK (where I live).
    Any ideas???
  2. Just found one in Selfridges in London - the last one in the bigger size. Happy birthday next Tuesday to me!!
  3. ^CONGRATS!!!!Ive seen them in lots of places in the USA....
    Post pics and HAPPY BDAY!!!
  4. Thanks Jill! Will def post pix when it arrives, it should be here tomorrow. Then I've definitely got to stop - two Miu Mius and two Pradas in about as many months is way indulgent! I'm still not loving the cervo e/w satchel in naturale (think I'm going to have to sell it somehow) so I'm hoping this bag will make up for that disappointment.
  5. ^Congrats Sarajane!!! Can't wait to see the pics...Hope you love it too!!!

  6. Keeping everything crossed! I'll either love it as soon as it comes out of the box or else it'll be a case of thinking about it for a few days. I'll def post pics either way. At least it's from Selfridges so I've got 14 days to decide.
  7. Happy B'Day, Sarajane! Can't wait to see pics, too!
  8. It's arrived and I'm totally in love with this one! It's just divine - darker than I expected (a navyish blue) which is just great. I LOVE it....
    I've taken pics and am just waiting for camera battery to re-charge so I can post them....will do later today.
  9. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Can't wait!!!! Take modeling pics!!! Congrats Sara!! So you're in love w/ it ?!?
  10. Yep! Totally and utterly. It arrived this morning and an hour later it was coming out with me to the hair salon. I just love the colour - I was worried it would be too bright a blue but it's almost navy. As I wear loads of navy, red, white & coral it will be great for the summer. It's 14.5 inches wide which is the perfect size for me. I think that's the problem with the e/w satchel, it's 17 inches wide and it's just too big for me. Pics coming any minute....