anyone know where I can get a ps3?

  1. my husband- (we are 24,27) really wants one and I have been looking everywhere to try and find it, what to do?I don't want to stand in line for 5 hours!!!
  2. You can try eBay, but those are going for almost $2k.
  3. yeah besides ebay
  4. do some searches for places that are handing out tickets on thursday night (at midnight) so that you don't have to brave the line on friday morning.
  5. you could try bjs/costco/sam's club..people naturally don't think of those places, but you never know if they will with the ps3s (extremely popular versus say the xbox 360 from last year) husb and i are standing outside of walmart/circuit city and possibly bjs for them starting 1pm on the day before!
    someone at our costco said that for the xbox last year, people were online at 3am for the 10 am opening....
    you could pay someone to stand out there...i mean if you aren't going to bu then spend the $ to get one on ebay anyway....
  6. i saw somewhere that circuit city has them listed on black friday for $199.99. good luck!
  7. my husb says no way that this is true esile...
    don't mean to disagree with you, it's just that most of these will be sold out by black friday so those that really want one should get one before then, and possibly not wait based on what i think is incorrect any chance, do you have a source for this info... i definitely will apologize if this turns out to be true..but i dont' want someone to be misled and wait if they really want one. apparently this is like gold to hard core gamers!!!!
  8. ^^She doesn't want a PSP. She wants a Playstation 3.

    Gucci Girl, have you called the stores to see if you could preorder? Try game stop/eb games. Also, the big stores (best buy, circuit city, comp usa, walmart, target, etc).
  9. Good luck... we're looking for one too. All the preorders were filled up, people were camping out at Toys R Us. Best thing is wake up and hit the stores. That's what my husband is making me do. =(
  10. I got lucky and my boss has an in with Sony so no waiting in line for my bf and I! (Perk of the job, I suppose)
  11. my bad. i'm just trying to help, but not very game savy.:shame:
  12. I hate to say it,but it doesn't look good! Stores like Gamestop and EB handed out their tickets already! Lines are already forming at the big stores like BestBuy and Circuit City. They weren't getting that many to begin with! This may be worse than trying to get a bag! :sweatdrop:
  13. yea my boyfriend is going crazy looking for one... i don't think it's worth it to have it right now. might as well wait until it becomes more available and you don't need to battle people to get one.
  14. sorry esile, i thought that you were talking about the're right about the psp though ! ;)