anyone know where i can get a diamond stitch flap/black??

  1. ...or did they even come in black?? i saw some new white flaps -but didn't get a chance to ask (bf was being extra rushy and huffy, i can't be expected to shop like that!!)

    but yes, my aunt got the white flap last year, and i REALLY i'd really :heart:33 it in black

    any help appreciated, THANKS in advance!!
  2. NM in Palo Alto, CA had a black DS flap a few days ago. Ask for Linda, 650-329-3300.
  3. thank you bellabags!! i will definetly check that out *crosses fingers*

    -do you remember what other colors they had?? thanks again
  4. The Saks in Atlanta had it in black (looks more like a dark gray, but the SA told me that it is considered black). Call and ask for Priscilla - super nice lady.
  5. I only saw black. You can call Linda and ask if they have other colors. Good luck.
  6. I saw this in black recently...Its very nice....I bought the brown last Joseph @ 917-776-9353 and see if he still has it at his store.....Good Luck!!
  7. Anyone has pics of the DS flap? Thanks.