Anyone know where I can find WHITE CHIFFON STAM?? =*(

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  1. has anyone seen the white chiffon stam anywhere??
    ive been looking on eBay. no luck. ugly fakes everywhere.

    do you guys think department stores or mj boutiques still have them in stock? probably not.. huh?

    so sad :sad:

    any help would be great. thanks
  2. it's $1600!!!!

    oh my :sad:
    do you guys think it's worth that much??
  3. It's beautiful but I wouldn't pay more than retail for it.

    Have you called a MJ boutique yet? :idea:
  4. Well, actually it's under retail here in Japan - the retail price of a Stam is over 210,000 yen here, that's 1,900 US dollars... ...

    Btw, people have said that the white chiffon is very similar to ivory, I'd get that if it meant saving a couple of hundred dollars.
  5. The only reason why I'm hesitant on Ivory is coz it looks REALLY white. I like the white chiffon, coz it's not pure white.

    Melly, thanks for pointing out that it's more than retail. I'm gonna try calling MJ boutiques. Can i just call anywhere, really? I'm afraid they wont have it cause it's last seasons color =(
  6. My friend just got the white chiffon stam from the MJ store in S.F. She originally wanted white, but they were out. She LOVES this color so much better. I must say, it is a beauty.....
  7. NO SELLING ON THE BOARD. do it again and get banned.
  8. no solicitation on the board. - mods
  9. do you know approximately *when* she got it?
    & how much~?
  10. ahh, my apologies everyone! newbie here! i wasn't aware of the selling rule until i actually read it somewhere after i posted!
  11. oopsies! wasn't aware of that, SORRY MODS!! really sorry :sad:

    edit: i read the rules & it said no pm. so im deleting! k~ sorry!
  12. JuicyME - I wouldn't do that. It sounds like a scam...
  13. i'm definitely not a scammer! i honestly wasn't aware of the no selling rule. aieee, what a horrible way to begin in this forum. my apologies once again.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.