Anyone know where I can find this Juicy ~ Fifi Lapin Silk Square?

  1. I saw this beautiful Silk Square which I gather is a collaboration btw. Juicy and Fifi Lapin, quite a while ago in a Magazine and when I searched for it online it's seems as though it's all sold out. :nogood: I'm not all that familiar with Juicy, so I was hoping maybe you lovely Ladies who are could possibly help me out and steer me in the right direction...or am I too late?! Many thanks!

  2. Ooo the Fifi collection was popular. At this point your best bet is probably to look at Juicy outlets
  3. Hey, if you're still looking at finding it, I found it (a bit steep) plus you have to call to order:
  4. Wow, thank you!!! :smile: I will definitely check them out! I can't see a picture of the item though...can you?