Anyone know where I can find Nude NP 38.5

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  1. I would be forever grateful!!!!

    I could do a 38 or a 39 as well!!!

    PM me please!

  2. las vegas CL had them.....but sold out in a week! =(
  3. I know soo sad I called them!
  4. Do you still have the page from NM or BG bookmarked?
  5. Ill keep an eye out Noe bc I m looking for them too. I hope we are all able to find them
  6. I ahev it book marked now! Yes lo lets look out for one another! I think they will be the perfect addition to my growing collection!!!
  7. ^ yesssss let's keep looking!
  8. Have you tried the CL boutiques in NY? I called Horatio St the other day about the nude VP which they didn't receive yet but my SA mentioned that they received tons of NPs - not sure if nude patent was included.
  9. ^^^ I also called and while they have some good ones LOL Not the Nude :sad:
  10. What do they have?
  11. Umm okay black patent with red tip a straw one and a yellow one... sorry I can't remember much more because I have called several boutiques LOL
  12. Thanks Noe. I should not even be asking. I am so bad already. :nogood:

  13. Noe this might be a good option for you if you can't wait to see what gets returned... My pair of NPs is a 38 when I actually wear a 38.5 (I was late on the preorder!) and while they are slightly tight, I know they will stretch to perfection after a couple wears! Good luck!:tup:
  14. It's going for $999 and there is a reserve, I wonder how much is the seller expecting to sell for.