Anyone know where I can find Inferno

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  1. Besides E-bay? I found a bambione with great placement on there but theres just something about paying $10-$20 over retail that bugs me. Is there any other way to go? i'd like an bambione or a bella.
  2. i think i read somewhere that the outlets might have some still.
  3. Call the SouthHamptom outlet!! and the Seattle outlet too!
  4. Yeah, call the outlets! They should have them for 25% off retail! So yay, you would be saving money!!
  5. Totally off the subject, but kookielf, I have the same dog! [​IMG]
  6. Swtest2Lips - Ur puppy is so cuteee! she/he looks like a mini bear :heart:
  7. I find it funny that I live in Orlando, Outlet capital of the world and yet there is no Lesportsac outlet, I mean we have a Dior outlet, why not Lesportsac? Oh well, thats a good idea, i'll give them call, unless I find a Spiaggia Bambione at Virgin tomorrow, then I can used my Disney Cast discount :graucho:
  8. adelpheansis - you work at Disney? too cool !! I HAVE to go back to Disney World to ride expedition everest!! Oh and cuuute dog!!

    At Century 21 here in NY we had inferno bellas and bambinones maybe a week or 2 weeks ago. I forgot how much they were selling for but at the time there was an extra 20% off coupon. too little .. too late :sad: sorry! But yup, try calling the outlets!
  9. What kind of dog is that? It's so cute!!!
  10. Thanks ladies! Its a pomeranian! Shes cute but crazy loud when she starts barking!

    Adelpheansis! You work at disney world? Omg, Thats totally awesome! I need to go back there! It was soo fun! We should trade our employee discounts (or share them to be more exact!) haha
  11. I love pomeranians!!! they're absolutely adorable.

    Toki angel: were there any more inferno bags left when you checked there last?
  12. Sempre - the last time I was there (yesterday) they had 2 inferno corrieres and the rest of the stuff was paradiso corrieres and scuolas and also citta scuolas. Actually now that I think about it ... it might have been wednesday that I saw the inferno corrieres? Argh .. as you get older the memory fades .. haha