anyone know where i can find an mj ursula clutch??

  1. ideally, i'd like to find a red one, but i'm so lost amidst all these fakes!!! is there anywhere that would sell it on discount?? anyone have any ideas??? thanks!!!
  2. I know that Saks had them for 40% off when their sale started, you could call your Saks and ask your SA to locate one for you. good luck!
  3. unfortunately, not only do they not even have red, but the sa said they're not even on sale!! :sad: any alternative suggestions??
  4. Try Bloomingdale's. Good luck. =)
  5. argh, tried both Saks and bloomies (had them look it up in the system as well!!) to no avail. i looked on ebay, but most (if not all) of them seem really sketchy. can anyone help??? i know quite a few of you were looking for it a few weeks ago. does anyone have any more suggestions? i can only find them for full price at elux and nap, and not in lobster at all. any leads would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
  6. i saw a black ursula clutch at the SCP Nordstrom today. i think it was full price though.