Anyone Know where I can find a Softy Faridah in Camoflauge???

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  1. HI All-

    I'm looking for the Softy Faridah in Camoflauge (the green color), but unfortunately, it seems to be sold out everywhere online.

    If you've seen it available anywhere (on a reputable site), please let me know!!!

  2. this is a picture of the specific bag i'm looking for.

    Thanks again!
  3. What are US shipping charges like on net-a-porter?
  4. Thanks for your suggestions!

    Anyone know of any US sites that may carry the bag - trying to avoid too much shipping.
  5. Found it!!! But thanks for the help!
  6. Where did you find it? Please share!
  7. it's available at the LA MbyMJ store. was just there today.
  8. ACK! When I was looking for the bag, it was not available on Nordstrom online- but now I see that it is!!!

    Anyway, I called the Nordstrom customer service, and they were able to locate bag for me at the Roosevelt Field store in Garden City, New York. I purchased over the phone and they will be shipping to me! Much thanks to the SA at that location who was VERY VERY helpful!

    I will post pics when the bag comes in - she said about five to eight days. Can't wait!!! :yahoo:
  9. Diggilooo- I will keep a look out. I checked net-a-porter, but unfortunately it seems as though they only have the camouflage.

    If I find anything, I'll post!
  10. Diggilooo-

    The bag is available at

    Regarding international shipping, it says:

    At this time, it is not possible to specify international destinations and U.S. territories when placing an order online. However, you may have your purchase shipped to an international address by calling 1.888.774.2424.

    The link to the bag is:;jsessionid=MF1G52LOKWFSECQAAKNBPVI?itemId=prod17900005&parentId=cat232700&masterId=cat249909&index=19&cmCat=cat000000cat230300cat232503cat249909cat232700

  11. Yeppun I'm so happy for you! Have you received the bag yet? If so, please post some pics!
    As for me and my MbMj it looks darker, I was just about to order from Bergdorf (they even had it on sale) but the I found out that it was sold out and now it looks like it's sold out everywhere :crybaby: So I guess I have to keep an eye on eBay till one pops up...
    But I'm still thrilled about your bag, I bet it's gorgeous :yahoo:
  12. Hey did you try Barneys, I think I saw one on the website under co-op bags.