Anyone know where I can find a RH Electric Blue day?

  1. Thanks! I suddenly decided I had to have one.
  2. LOL
    Don't blame you :graucho:
    As for last week, AR still has some..
  3. Really?! They are such a pain to order through, though since I dont have access to a fax machine. Anyone else?
  4. AR takes email order forms. As of last week Barneys bev hills had a few and Jim said Barneys LV has a ton of styles in the new colors. HTH!!
  5. lol

    if you have a digicam, take a pic of the order form and email it to them. that's how i ordered from AR. tell us about it later!
  6. Ooohh! Okay, thanks. Have you seen this eb day at AR? Wondering how the leather is?

    I'll also call Barneys tomorrow, there's a sweet SA in chicago whose worked with me in the past - so maybe she could locate me one if her store doesn't have it.
  7. Neimans bought the EB RH day, but I'm not sure if they have any left. You can see if they can locate one for you. I saw a couple EB days a few weeks back and the leather was super thin but very soft. Good luck!
  8. circoit, AR's team is great!!! Just email them your questions on the leather. They will check & let you know. They don't send picture of the actual bag but they do email stock photos.
  9. nm had a few
  10. I just emailed AR yesterday about their Day stock. They have the EB RH Day! :tup: