Anyone know where I can find a Red Twiggy?

  1. hi Everyone!

    I'm new to this section of the forum, but do own 2 Bal. bags already... I have suddenly gotten the urge to buy a Red Twiggy bag (brand new, from store). Would someone be able to update me if stores currently have Red? Not sure if Balenciaga comes out with certain colors during certain seasons. I'm looking for something more on the dark side (not a bright orangy-red).

    Also if anyone happens to know where I can find one for less than retail (is that asking too much?) I would appreciate the lead!

  2. ^ The last few seasons of red have been bright reds (Coral, Tomato & Vermillon), if you want more of a garnet toned red you might get lucky with resale shops as the last ones made were F/W '06 Grenat.

    I think all the sale items at retail stores are gone now, but good luck finding a Red Twiggy that you love!
  3. thank u so much for the info! do you know if red will be made for 2008?