Anyone know where I can find a (non-designer) leather version of this Rocha bag?

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  1. I saw someone wearing a version of this biag (not by this designer, there was definitely no logo). has anyone seen a similar "inspired" bag in leather? This girl's bag was beautiful. I actually didn't know who the original designer was, just googled the features of the bag to come up with this image. Anyone???
  2. How about J Crew's biennial satchel?
  3. Linea Pelle's triple zip satchel is like that as well, except that the leather is not as structured.
  4. Hmmm... I think the J. Crew suggestion has it right on -

    First pic is J. Crew's bag - 2nd is a smaller one of the Rocha -

    Let's see, $348 and free ship vs. over a thousand? Bam, as they say. Link to this bag at J. Crew's site:
    57107_BL6859_d3.jpg rbcz050_1.jpg
  5. I saw the JCrew bag at the mall the other day. It's really nice!
  6. Thank you for the tip - I like this bag more than the one I saw!
  7. Thank you so much - I like this bag more than the bag I saw!

  8. I hope so! Thank you for responding - I'll have to take a look when I get a chance to go to J Crew :smile:

  9. Thanks Morisa, I will have to check this bag out, too :smile: I am so happy you replied

  10. I think J Crew has 25% off orders over $150 AND free shipping online right now. Can't hurt to order you can always return to a store!
  11. Sorry double post