Anyone know where I can find a MJ bag in honeydew?

Your best bet might be to scour eBay. Have you tried calling any of the stores? I remember that there was a MJ out at Woodbury Commons years ago....not sure if it is still there. Good luck!
Gosh I was watching the prettiest MJ New Tote in honeydew on eBay about a month ago - supposedly NWT and a very good price. It sold, but you can definitely find some there!
Thanks for all the replies ladies! I've tried calling some stores but they are all out. Honeydew is a light green color (much lighter than the spearmint). Darn, really regret not buying that original bag I saw!
Thought I saw some light green MJ bags at OFF SAKS in Las vegas, I was in a rush so did not look too closely, just a hurried glance, perhaps you could call them?
Savannah912 said:
Was it my auction? I sold a MJ New Tote in honeydew a month or two ago. Ebay id, carolinep212?

Yes it was yours!!! To die for!!! I had just purchased a sage Sofia from Off Fifth - actually my DH made the payment as a Christmas gift, so even though I liked your honeydew waaaay better I knew he'd be disappointed if I dissed his 'gift'! Gee, the only purses I CAN'T sell are his 'gifts'... :suspiciou Men have no idea how fickle we can be about bags, too! Your stuff is great and I've recommended you on the ebay boards :biggrin: Do you have any more MJ?
Thanks for your recommendations!! No, I have sold all my 25+ MJ's on ebay or gave them to my mom and my sister for birthday/x-mas. I have one MJ Blake left, which my husband bought for me for mother's day 2 years ago. I can't part with that one. The sage is pretty close I would think, although I haven't seen it in person. Good luck in fining in honeydew if you are still looking for one, I'll keep my eye out for you.
Savannah912 - nice to meet you on this board! (great seller, everyone!) I've got 2 Blakes I love too but debate letting them go to support my new Chloe habit. The used market can't be worth it, I figure...

Clu0984- the Sage color (if that was the MJ name or the Saks name?) has the brushed gold hardware, so it has a warmer feel than the cool honeydew which makes that color so... cool. I found Sage at Off-Fifth in December so it may be more current than honeydew and still around, but definitely different. Good luck in your search!
Another option may be the outlets- I remember seeing honeydew multipocket at the Off Fifth outlet at Cabazon- you may want to check there and see if they have any left over!