Anyone know where I can find a MJ bag in honeydew?

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  1. I know the color is from a long time ago. 2 years ago I almost bought a bag in that color but then put it down. And I've been obsessing every since!
  2. Your best bet might be to scour eBay. Have you tried calling any of the stores? I remember that there was a MJ out at Woodbury Commons years ago....not sure if it is still there. Good luck!
  3. Gosh I was watching the prettiest MJ New Tote in honeydew on eBay about a month ago - supposedly NWT and a very good price. It sold, but you can definitely find some there!
  4. Was it my auction? I sold a MJ New Tote in honeydew a month or two ago. Ebay id, carolinep212?
  5. NO, I haven't seen one, but it sounds yummy!
  6. What does honeydew look like..I have alot of MJ bags...but that name doesnt ring any bells!
  7. Thanks for all the replies ladies! I've tried calling some stores but they are all out. Honeydew is a light green color (much lighter than the spearmint). Darn, really regret not buying that original bag I saw!
  8. Thought I saw some light green MJ bags at OFF SAKS in Las vegas, I was in a rush so did not look too closely, just a hurried glance, perhaps you could call them?
  9. Yes it was yours!!! To die for!!! I had just purchased a sage Sofia from Off Fifth - actually my DH made the payment as a Christmas gift, so even though I liked your honeydew waaaay better I knew he'd be disappointed if I dissed his 'gift'! Gee, the only purses I CAN'T sell are his 'gifts'... :suspiciou Men have no idea how fickle we can be about bags, too! Your stuff is great and I've recommended you on the ebay boards :biggrin: Do you have any more MJ?
  10. Thanks for your recommendations!! No, I have sold all my 25+ MJ's on ebay or gave them to my mom and my sister for birthday/x-mas. I have one MJ Blake left, which my husband bought for me for mother's day 2 years ago. I can't part with that one. The sage is pretty close I would think, although I haven't seen it in person. Good luck in fining in honeydew if you are still looking for one, I'll keep my eye out for you.
  11. Savannah912 - nice to meet you on this board! (great seller, everyone!) I've got 2 Blakes I love too but debate letting them go to support my new Chloe habit. The used market can't be worth it, I figure...

    Clu0984- the Sage color (if that was the MJ name or the Saks name?) has the brushed gold hardware, so it has a warmer feel than the cool honeydew which makes that color so... cool. I found Sage at Off-Fifth in December so it may be more current than honeydew and still around, but definitely different. Good luck in your search!
  12. Another option may be the outlets- I remember seeing honeydew multipocket at the Off Fifth outlet at Cabazon- you may want to check there and see if they have any left over!