Anyone know where I can find a linea pelle piper speedy in sherry??

  1. I am so frustrated because I'm interested in the LP piper speedy in sherry but can't find it anywhere!!! Do any of you fellow tpfer's have any suggestions? TIA!!
  2. No help on this side, m'dear. I've been hunting the Piper Speedy (at a decent price) for a while. LP did have sherry on their web site until just recently. SOLD OUT SOLD OUT SOLD OUT. We've finally come up against that inpenetrable brick wall. Have to wait until it's not so :rochard:

  3. That's what I was afraid of!!! DRAT!!!!! Do you think they will get more in stock in our lifetime????:wondering
  4. Oh, when the next big thing rolls around ... I do realllllyyyy like the looks of this one, though - looks like we'll have to wait our turn. I've got it added as a Search in eBay; ya never know.
  5. i have this bag in black and get a TON of compliments on it! have you tried luna boston? maybe they have one last one in stock? good luck!
  6. I have this bag in taupe. I checked with Luna Boston and they are not expecting to receive any in sherry. I've looked everywhere, too. No where to be found!
  7. Thank you:yahoo: I'm returning my taupe to Luna Boston and awaiting the sherry. It pains me that I'm paying full price, but I love that color. You have done your good deed for today, my dear:tup:
  8. OMG! OMG! OMG! I so don't have $480! This is the right size for me, too. OH please, please - somebody just GIVE me $480, please? Pretty-please?

  9. Thank you so much jandelvis! Only problem is I NEED THAT PRICE TWEAKED!!! I hope they run a sale or take a code.....
  10. happy to help, team! i too have been leering at this bag for a while. i saw the sherry color IRL at luna boston on another LP bag and it's amazing. Anthro has great bag deals but you have to be patient. for ex, they just marked down some suede shoes that they debuted in early August. i think this bag popped up this fall, so my guess is it won't be till a month or two into 2008 that they mark it down.
  11. I ordered black one as well, can't wait to receive it.
  12. I keep looking at the bag on Anthropologie and can't help wondering if the color is the same as on other websites..... It is called orange and LOOKS more orange than the burnt orange or sherry as it's called elsewhere. Has anyone seen it IRL to tell if the color is the same as on the LP website and other websites that call it by burnt orange or sherry? I know anthropologie sometimes sells bags that are slightly different from the designer's originals and I am wondering if that's the case here in regard to color. They also don't say it's by LP either.... What's your opinion?
  13. I've just sent their CS an inquiry - I'll let you know what I get back-.

  14. cute! what is the size of that bag?