Anyone know where I can find a Jumbo Flap in Brown Caviar?

  1. I called Chanel's main number and NM in my area and they said zero stock! All of chanel! how is that possible, any suggestions?
  2. have you tried Saks?.... I saw one at Chanel South Coast Plaza a few months back....but you said is zero stock now....good luck in your search:yes:
  3. Saks nyc has one. I called for black, she said she had brown. I said OK NO ThANK YOU!! CALL!!!
  4. In caviar! eee
  5. Call Damian At Saks in PA.(1-610-667-1550 EXT 258).Im sure he would be able to get u one if they are in stock for the EGC event!u could get a GC too!