Anyone know where I can find a Black Baby Cabas...large one or small one?

  1. I had gotten the small one and stupidly returned it cuz I got something else. Now I want to get it again for my mother. She is looking for an everyday bag. Anyone know where there is a Black Baby Cabas available and I can call and order it? Thanks so much!
  2. Did you see this thread? Good luck!

    Original (big) size Cabas Available at Nordie
    This is the black leather one, $2195. Please call my SA Loan Phan at Nordie Topanga (southern Cal) if you are interested. They send it out with free shipping. She is holding it under my name (Larkie) for 24 hours. I passed b/c I already have the baby size. Good luck!!!
  3. Or call the 800 nr. They would be able to find you one. They are out there, hope you find one :p
  4. There's a baby Cabas in black and bronze at Saks New Orleans. I saw them there yesterday just before closing.
  5. They still have the black baby cabas at Houston Galleria Chanel. Good lucK!