Anyone know where I can find a Bal box?

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  1. Hello! Does anyone know where I can purchase a Bal box? In particular, I'm looking for a weekender box. I'm thinking about buying a used weekender, but it does not come with a box. Unfortunately, I have very curious kitties, and I need to keep my bags out of site and protected when not in use. Thanks in advance!!!
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  3. I think she means an actual box, to store her WE.
  4. me too...i would like to know where to purchase a Bal box...
  5. Stores don't sell them separately and you can't ask Bal for one anymore. I got one from BalNY, but that was in 2007. I think your best bet is Ebay and Bonanzle.
  6. Oops, sorry for the confusion! Yes, I meant the white cardboard box that the bags come in! Thanks for the suggestions everyone!
  7. You can't find the box or dust bags on Ebay anymore because they don't allow sellers to sell just the dust bag or box... Your best bet is Bonanzle I guess :sad:

    I have a puppy (chews everything!) so I need my bags stored in boxes too, so I was surprised after I ordered with Erica of HGbags to find out that she did not send out the boxes. But she said she will look for one for me and send it out after.

    Maybe you can contact her and see if she will find you a box if you pay for it? :smile:
  8. Is there anyway to buy a box from Balenciaga to fit a specific bag?
  9. ^ Unfortunately no; they don't sell them separately.
  10. I don't know if you can buy a box, I'm just lucky to get one from the store where I bought my Bbag. Good that I asked her if she have the box.
  11. I always get a box when I purchase from the store, no matter if it's a cp, a wallet or a city. strange, it should always come with one?
  12. I received a box when I ordered from Bal London, but not from Bal NY.
  13. I am buying from a seller so her bag didn't come with a box.
  14. Could somebody please measure their City dustbags for me? Is there a difference between the dustbags for RH and GH Cities?