Anyone know where I can buy a Seventies Satchel?

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  1. This one:
    [​IMG] picture credit SeahorseinStripes Photobucket.

    Anyone know of a sale, special website, or person looking to sell? I appreciate your help :smile:
  2. this bag is just so classy. your best bet would be ebay at this point. i usually see them on there. i hope you find one. good luck!
  3. I agree with tad.. eBay is your best bet..
  4. thanks girlys :flowers:
  5. I've always loved this bag in this color -- they were popping up at Off Saks a while back. Not sure if there would be any left, but it might worth a try calling a few stores to see if they still have any -- with all the coupons and after Xmas sales, you might find it at a very good price!

    Good Luck!
  6. Off 5th had some a few months back.