anyone know where can i get this prada?

  1. can anyone tell me where can i buy the black leather with pink bow on this advertisment? how much is it? is it F/W2007 or S/S 2008? thank you!!:angel:
  2. The Chicago Prada boutique still has that bag as of last week, and it's 990. Call 312 951 1113 and ask for Kirby, she's great.

    I think that particular bag is F/W 2007, but they made variations of the bow design for the resort and spring collections... there are leather and nylon totes and clutches that are all seriously adorable :heart:
  3. thats really a cute bag, good luck with your search :smile:
  4. I got mine from Frank in Bal Harbor Florida. mine was 900, so i dont know if they had a price increase since november. but Chicago i know had them early January
  5. Good luck!
  6. hawaii is only 730....
  7. only 730? how come is cheaper in hawaii?? that's nice!!
  8. I got mine from Prada 5th ave (212) 664-0010 they still have a few $900 is what I paid
  9. hope u get yr bag and post pics...:tup:
  10. hey guys~thanx for all the helps
    i ordered mine this morning it is 990 plus tax now
    i guess prada increase their price....
    and my bag is on the way
    hope i can get it this week!!
    thank you^^
  11. locogymman? why hawaii only sell for 730? i know other countries like HK and Taiwan have the same price in US? how come hawaii sells so cheap?
  12. ^LV is cheaper in HAWAII....Always wondered why...???