Anyone know where can i find Cerises Mules size EU 37??

  1. I m looking for Cerises Mules size Eu37... '

    anyone have want o change new home.. pls let me know

    OR anyone knwo where cna i find it...'

    Pls pls .... let me know''

  2. Hi, I notice eBayer ID: mushroom_city always has LV mules/shoes etc in size 36.5 , 37 , 38

    Just ask them, hope you'll find those lovely cerises mules :smile:
  3. Just so ya know can't solicit or sell goods here. You would need to apply for the marketplaza (info is on the main page).
  4. Do you have other LV shoes? If not be careful with the size. In US sizes I wear a 7.5 or 8, manalos I were 37.5 or 38, but in LV 39!!! So be careful!
  5. Karen Kooper only has 'em in size 9 :sad: Definitely try eBay! :yes: - Shoes