Anyone know when will Tivoli GM be back in stock?

  1. I am currently on waiting list for Tivoli GM. I wonder if someone knows when they will be back in stock?!
  2. Sometimes a store will receive one or two at a time. If your on the waiting list, who knows how long it will take. When I was on the list it only took a week. The SAs usually dont know how many or when they will get any either.
    but if you on the list you will eventually get one. its a great bag, everybody who sees mine loves it. hope you get yours soon!!:smile:
  3. I think it's hit or miss. A store may get a couple at a time, but depending on how long the waiting list is, there's no telling how long your wait would be. I waitlisted this past Monday for the Tivoli PM, and yesterday I got the call that it was ready and they're shipping it to me. I'm not sure if the PM or GM is the right size for me, so I waitlisted for the GM yesterday as well.

    Good luck. Hopefully you're wait isn't too long!