Anyone know when the website updates this month?

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  1. I know lots of us are dying for pictures of all these new bags to be in one place. It seems like there isn't a color or combination that Sophia isn't coming in - and new Maggies and Madisons in every color imaginable.

    Does anyone know if Coach is updating tomorrow or waiting until next Friday/Saturday?

    My store swears the new floorset is not going out until the 24th and that nothing from it can be purchased until then. That's gonna be torture. I want to see all these new colors NOOOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. My store said the same thing that the new floorset is not until 24th
  3. It seemed like the website would update the Wed or so before the Friday floorsets, but I think last month it was a week ahead of the floorset. Dunno.
  4. I'm wondering about this too...
    last week my store said the new stuff would be out tomorrow(17th) but then yesterday they said next week. it seemed like most people were saying new floorset next week but now sophia's are going to be out tomorrow some I'm totally confused. they are already out at some Macy's and my Dillards had just gotten a huge shipment in yesterday morning.
    You would think they would want to update the site and put out the new floorset for tomorrow because you know people would buy more with EPCE and PCE being able to order online or see the new items in person. also, why can some people preorder/presale while others are being told no, not until next week...confusing...
  5. I asked my SA yesterday when the site would update and she said next thurs or fri, when the floorset comes out.
  6. When you get an answer to this question you will have figured out the meaning of life.

  7. Presale started on Monday (in my store).

  8. lol seriously that's what it feels like...same with the whole get the pce discount no matter what thing too.
  9. Instead of making a new thread, I thought I would bump this one. Anyone know if the website is updating tonight or tomorrow?
  10. Yesterday I was in the store, and the SA said the website would be updated on Wednesday, and the floor set would be updated on Friday.
  11. usually the website updates on wednesday before the new floorset hits friday... usually...
  12. My SA said the new floorset is out next Friday.
  13. Oh, okay. Thanks guys!