anyone know when the ferragamo sale is?

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  1. hey girls! i need to pick up some bags for work. anyone know when the ferragamo sale starts? thanks!!!
  2. i would like to know tooo
  3. same here...let us know...
  4. My sfa has an absolutely gorgeous large ferragamo ostrich type leather red handbag for a steal price of somewhere above 600.00 if you are interested let me know and I will give you my sa telephone number at the store - they also have a real cute denim large print a great price.
  5. I just got the postcard--it starts Thursday June 15th.
  6. thanks! is that pre-sale or the sale for the general public?
  7. For everyone.
  8. I went to bloomingdales today (NYC) and they had 30% some bags.. there was a pretty big selection.
  9. hmm, i dont think there is a ferragamo near me.. i am in sacramento, cali... that sucks.... hehe
  10. I went to the Ferragamo Boutique at Ala Moana Shopping Center yesterday (JUne 10) and they already started their sale. Lots of different styles - unfortunately I don't know their "names". I do remember they had that bowler style, some Gancini logo fabric bags at 30% off.

    Their number is (808) 973-6101 if you wish to contact them directly.
  11. :heart: I want a Gancini bag! :heart:
    Thanks for the info. I'm on the hunt.....
  12. there are some ferragamo bags in the site.. some r really pretty...
  13. Next week start on Thursday at least that what my SA at the Ferragamo butique said. 30% discount on shoes and bags (selected).
  14. hey all, thanks for the info. i was just wondering if any of you knew if the marisa bag in the grey logo fabric was on sale. i'm currently on a work-related trip and am dying to know. thanks a ton!
  15. are the headbands/ accessories on sale too? how many percent discount?
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