Anyone know when SAKS Friends & Family 20% off is?

  1. and does is exclude CHANEL or does it depend on what SA you deal with?
    I was told around 'early summer' - does anyone have a specific date or know one is coming up soon?

  2. ooops, re-opening this. . . confused it w/ the usual Saks event.

    my apologies!:flowers:
  3. I know the other post was shut down because apparently it was discussed already, but I searched and could not find any information of when the upcoming Saks F/F or bloomies F/F is expected to be.. If anyone would be so kind enough to inform the forum I would really appreciate it.. There are a few more chanel pieces I would love to add to my collection with some incentives...thanks :heart:
  4. I would like to know also. I searched under Saks and Friends and nothing. Maybe there should be a "current sales" sticky? Dunno.
  5. sorry!:biggrin:
  6. That's ok Swanky- thanks for reopening the thread! :smile:
  7. I just checked my calendar and the Saks F&F was May2-May6 last year so I suspect this year will be around the same time.

    F&F used to be much more exclusive in that each SA had about 3 to 5 invites they could give customers (this was back in 2001) and the list of included designers was huge. Chanel was included at one Saks location (Portland) in 2001 and was included at the very first F&F. The Chanel stock was very depleted and they didn't have enough bags left for the Christmas season so they discontinued it.

    The last F&F excluded every designer I cared about....sigh....
  8. it would still be good for cosmetics or skin care items :yes:
  9. So CHANEL is excluded then? Isn't Louboutin excluded as well? Anyone know if fine jewelry is excluded?

    Thanks ladies!
  10. i've heard that certain SA's @
    Bloomies, NYC do honor F/F on Chanel handbags...
    this comes from more than one good source but this is not my own personal experience...
  11. Yeah, I thought I remembered it being mentioned that certain SAs would honor the 20% off F&F on Chanel items. Thanks for your input!:yes:
  12. does anyone know when this will be going and and how can i take advantage of the offer?
  13. Bloomingdales F&F event usually takes place in late April/early May.
  14. ^Bloomies will not give a straight discount for F&F. They will give you the 20% equilvalent on a GC. It's still a better deal than Saks though
  15. Bloomies has consistently sold me Chanel sunglasses during their F&F event on a credit card, in several different stores. I have never once received the 20% equivalent on a GC. Unless you're talking about bags, then of course that's different.