Anyone Know When Nordies Has Next Markdowns?

  1. There are some boots I have been stalking that went down to 30% after Christmas. I know Nordies marks down much slower than Saks & Neimans. I also know they just finished inventory. Does anyone know when the next markdowns will come? You can PM me if you know and don't want to leave a public reply.

  2. hi.. i think your'e a couple weeks late.. they marked down most of their boots.. already.. some desinger boots like prada went for only $199.00 I was there a few days ago and did not see any sale shoe racks up. i think they got shipped out to the racks. call them 714-549-8300
  3. I feel like I rarely see things get marked down twice at Nordstrom. It seems like they are destined for the Rack before that happens. Their big sales are:
    Half Yearly for Women/Kids - First Wed in June and Nov
    Half Year for Men - July and after Christmas
    Anniversary Sale - I think it's the 3rd? Friday in July

    I often see leftovers from the Anniversary Sale get marked down again for the Nov Half Yearly.
  4. I think they already did their final markdowns, as I was told stuff was already being shipped to the Rack....
  5. I think that is what happened. I do have the boots on hold at a regular Nordstrom, but I did not want to get them then they get marked down again a few days later. The woman had to look for them and said that the rest had been shipped out. I still may try to find them at a Rack since the price is ok and it is very hard for me to find boots that fit and look good, but less would be even better.
  6. Check and see what their Price adjustment policy is incase they do go down further. Most places will do a price adjust up to 14 days except on final sale clearance.
  7. I'm really bummed I missed Nordies last mark down. The last markdown price at Nordstroms MAIN is less than NR