anyone know when is the next BG or NM EGC event is?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I want to get a few bags and I was wondering when the next BG or NM EGC events are! If u know can u share with me? I am buying two bags soo its kinda important for me thats why!

    Thanks in advance:heart:
  2. i am interested to know as well. will Chanel be excluded from the EGC?
  3. any one??

    i vaguely remember the last NM EGC was at end october. so will the next one be coming up soon?
  4. Whats a EGC event?
  5. Saks event is Feb. 12 but Chanel, Prada, Gucci and Jimmy Choo are excluded.
  6. this blows :crybaby:just when i want to participate...they decide to exclude my favorite brands. hopefully they'll realize how much business they're losing bc of these exclusions.
  7. BG has a gift card coming up later this month (Feb.). Exact date still TBA. Bad news is most likely Chanel and some other high-end brands will be excluded. BG Chanel SA's aren't 100% sure yet, but they are saying that chances are high as dept. stores are following suit of Saks and Chanel corporate vendors are trying to disassociate their brand from these regular discount events.
  8. arr.. that just sucks... i am getting two bags.. i really wish they are included.. so i can use one's EGC on another or so on...
  9. Lol.. after chanel was marked down 80% at Saks they are now worried about brand image. This is a joke.