Anyone know when Fall 2007 RTW show is?

  1. Anyone know when the Fall 2007 RTW show is?? I'm ready for the new collection as I've yet to fall in love with anything from the past 2 seasons:sad:. I liked the past two collections, it just wasn't anything I could see getting enough use out of for the money, KWIM. I'm DYING and HOPING and PRAYING for a new and GOOD suhali color (no BROWN!!!).
  2. March 4th 3Pm Paris time can't wait
  3. I can't wait either :yahoo:
  4. Me either! I'm sooo psyched!
  5. WHOO HOO!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: I too can not wait...come ooooon suhali color!
  6. I want a new Epi color that isn't white or brown! C'mon purples & turqoises!
  7. what color would you like LVLOVER?
  8. I can't wait too! :yahoo:
  9. Orange or Green :heart: :heart: :heart: