Anyone know when D&B Metallic Mambo line is out?

  1. I really want to buy one with Macy's F&F discount...
  2. now i have saw thsoe bags in teh catlog that my freind just recived and i do knwo they r onlien but as for them beign at macys have yet to see it now i do not know if you r in the area of a lord and taylor but i did see the crossword line at lord and taylro so i very much think within teh next two week they should have metalic mombo L&T is very good with keeping up with dooney as is dillards .. hopefully i was helpful....
  3. I also want the Dooney Metallic Bag in silver and want to use my F&F at Macy's. Wish Dooney had more information.
  4. The catalog says these bags are available in December. I want a metallic mambo, too. They are glazed cotton- has anyone seen the Mambo fabric? I want to make sure the metallic is nice and shiny.
  5. I got an e mail from Dooney today that the metallic bags were available. I ordered the medium Sac in gold metallic mambo. I am excited to see it, and it is not at all expensive, but I feel guilty as I just got my RM matinee last week.
    Tis the season for me to buy gifts for others, and I am buying them for myself!
  6. They are actually leather.
  7. I went to macy's on saturday hoping to get the dooney in silver and they only had 5 of the large sac's in gold. :tdown: I just checked dooney's website and they still don't have any of them available.