anyone know when Anthacite is coming out?

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  1. Anyone have pics of this bag?? :smile:

    I am looking for bbag #2 and #3 already
  2. I could be wrong, but I thought it was mid March.

    I am also waiting for the Anthacite :yes:

  3. me too on both things :P
  4. Another ninja here :ninja: lying in wait for Anthracite .
  5. :smile: That makes three of us!

    It looks...well really gorgeous. Jem have you seen my chloe Edith pics on mua? Do you think it is like a darker version of that? The "gris vert" is a grey with green undertones but on the chloe it is more olive than grey.

    The balenciaga swatch makes Anthracite seems a loooot darker a charcoal?? But with green undertone? I can't really tell but I need it.

    I love grey.

    I guess I could have waited until this one came out in March....:shame:
  6. I'm hoping its more charcoal with no green. I'm excited about it:wlae:
  7. charcoal... divine!
  8. If Anthracite is supposed to come out around the same time as Blue Glacier, it should come around around end of February. At least that's what BalNY told me when I asked when Blue Glacier would arrive. Maybe that's the earliest shipment they anticipate for the 2nd set of spring '07 collection. :yes:
  9. End of Feb or March!!!!!!!!!:crybaby: I was hoping for middle of Jan.
  10. In France I was told early march, also waiting for anthracite...!
  11. me too!!! it seems like such a great color to have in any one's bbag collection!!! I just wish there was a better picture of it then just that small swatch!
  12. Wow, everyone (including me) is waiting for this color :P
  13. Joseph at Balny said its a green-gray color and very pretty. I'm waiting for that one too.
  14. Ooh, sort of like Dolma green? I thought that one was so nice!
  15. :crybaby:so its not a true grey/charcoal color?