Anyone know whats going to be in the outlets?

  1. Hey everyone, just wondering since I have heard a lot of talk about the Legacy collection going to the outlets, does anyone know what style numbers are? and when they will be going to the outlets? I know it will vary by locations, but maybe just an idea? :wlae:
  2. I went to my local Outlet to get on client track (i want a raisin leigh). My SA pulled out a very long 'deleted item' list to confirm that the bag I wanted was in fact, deleted and marked for Factory. I was trying to read upsidedown and i'm mostly interested in the all leather bags, but A LOT of bag styles will be showing up soon. The 07 legacy bags and accessories in Raisin, Juniper, tan/whiskey and I think some in black! Specifically the satchels, shoulder, leigh, shoulder flap are the ones I saw. Forget to check on Gigi, but the whiskey ones are off the website. Also, the Bleecker British Tan stuff was on there. The same styles in Signature too. There were many Bleecker accessories on the list too. I even saw the XL LILY on the list! But I couldn't read the color or if they were actually marked for Factory. Maybe whiskey if they have any left. I'm sure not all outlets will get all items and some items are 'deleted' but may be sold out. Sounds like they might start hitting outlets as soon as this week, then over the next few weeks.
  3. Thanks for the great info, Wander!! Nice recon!:p