Anyone know what will be the new floorset @ the outlets?

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  1. I just called my local outlet, they said they were doing a new floorset tomorrow... she said a lot of it will contain nylon items... anyone know or have any spy pics already as to what floorset is going to be at the outlets this week? TIA!!
  2. CoachGirl,
    I was at my outlet last week, and the Mgr. told me there will be lots of rose/lt. pink and yellow leather bags in the new floorset. I am going to the outlets on Friday with a friend to check them out!:smile:
  3. Yellow bags? Hmmm interesting... Yeah I may have to go this weekend too! Thanks HandbagsGalore!:tup:
  4. I will be heading to the Outlet tomorrow as well.. (have a quick return)... so I'll take a good look around to see what they have and report back when I get home...
  5. The floorset will be out tomorrow, and here is what was described to me today by an outlet SA:

    -- the outlet Legacy bags will be in leather salmon, navy signature with white trim, and a chcolate brown signature
    -- there are some outlet version satchels coming in, but the SA did not have any additional information
  6. YAY!!! Salmon... I know where I will be tomorrow morning, thanks loupole!!!
  7. Any updates on this? I'm heading to my outlet tomorrow to make a return, was hoping to get the scoop on what's there before I head that way!
  8. Oooooh cant wait to see that new salmon color!
    I wonder if it will be similar to the '07 Rose color because that one was a coraly pink (and gorgeous) or if it will be similar to the current 'cherry' color.

    It might just be the factory versions geranium color re-named......
    IMO the solid leather (pebbled) factory bags in the 'geranium' color were more of a lighter peach than the original red-orange that the originals were.

    The navy and white sounds like a pretty combo for spring but white shows wear very easily....

    I wonder if they are finally releasing the outlet satchels that were the version of the Legacy satchels from the '06-'07 era?
  9. Cool. Thanks for info, ladies.
    I'm outleting tomorrow!
  10. Hmm...maybe I should go to the outlet this weekend maybe! Let me know if you go today jeh3v...if it is worth the trip or not!
  11. I posted yesterday what I found out -- the SA said it would all be out when the stores opened. The UPS and FedEx guys were bringing in huge loads when I was there at 3-ish.
  12. Anyone back from the outlet yet??? Spy pics c'mon!! LOL
  13. I called my outlet yesterday and they said the new stuff will be out today. I had planned to go early but we have AT&T U-verse installed right now and they have been here 3+ hours!! ughh......
  14. Grrr... I totally forgot it was today! I was thinking today was Wednesday still. I could go, but then I'll be stuck coming home during rush hour. Has anyone else gone yet?
  15. Could the "nylon" theyre talking about be the Amanda collection..?