Anyone know what time the online PCE code becomes active?

  1. I am so antsy to order my bags!! My guess is that it works similar to other online promotions, starting at midnight Eastern, or midnight Pacific, depending on where the website is based.

    I live on the west coast, I'd love to just place my order tonight at 9:01pm. Anyone know? :yahoo:
  2. Me too! I want to know! lol
  3. I called Coach and they couldn't say for certain but did let me know they operate on east coast time so I am going to give it a try at 9:01pm PST.
  4. Ok, I will try too!
  5. I'm also splurging for Express Shipping. Feel like I am jumping out of my skin waiting for my new bags! I haven't bought myself a new purse since 2008, before I got pregnant, so this is a long time coming! Who knows, maybe it's also cabin fever and being sick of winter but I am just dying for a cute spring bag, asap.
  6. I'm on the East Coast (7:50pm here at the moment) and I just tested out my PCE and it went through!

    Pink Kristin satchel will be mineeee!
  7. I've heard west coast it went through!:biggrin:
  8. Yep I just placed my order :yahoo: !! Got the pale pink Kristin spectator tote and the black Kristin leather hobo. So happy!!

    (also no more bags the rest of 2011, lol)
  9. I was going to order online but I just called my store and placed my order with a SA and I'm picking my Kristin Hobo up tomorrow. :smile: She didn't take the code on my card does that mean I can pass it along? She said she didn't really need it.
  10. Yup, that means you can pass it along if you are willing to. That is nice of you to think of that :smile: