Anyone Know what this Brazilian or Mexican Movie is ? Please

  1. Hi everyone, I watched a movie about 2 years ago and it was very sad. It was on here in England. It was either Mexican or brazilian. It was a story of a poor girl who lived in like a Shanti town and she was friends with a girl who's mum worked in a store and they were no short of money. It ended up that the girl who was poor was raped alot of times. :crybaby:It was really sad and disturbing and I didnt get to watch the end. I would love to watch the end and im going to buy it. The movie was called something like Yessica (I think that was the poor girls name), does anyone know the name of the movie or if Im right about it being called Yessica ?. Thanks in advance :love:
  2. OMG I found it, its called "Perfume de Violetas"