Anyone know what this bag is called and how much?

  1. I was standing outside Hermes today and looking in at the display because the boutique was closed. On one of the windows was a small purple croc cosmetic case, shaped like an Alma (for those of you who know LV, you know what shape I'm talking about). Anyone know what this is called and how much it goes for (preferably in Canadian dollars?)? I've always wanted a small croc piece and purple is my favorite colour! :nuts:
  2. I think you're talking about the Bolide.:yes:

    And OMG!!! Your signature is from "Queer as Folk", right? That's Michael's Mom's quote!!!
  3. The bolide is a handbag though. This was just like a small cosmetic handles.
  4. Oh nevermind then. :p

    Still like your sig though. I had that as my slogan in my email sig for a while.
  5. YUP!!! :nuts: In the final episode of season 3!! I'm so shocked that someone recognized that! Woohoo! Best show ever!
  6. Where are you from?
  7. I agree! I LOVE that show, but I HATED the way they ended it ...

    As for where I'm from, I'm in the U.S.
  8. You would have rather seen Brian and Justin get married? :p
  9. Nah ... but geez, couldn't they have TRIED to do long distance at least instead of just ... I dunno, giving up like that? I feel that the characters were all a bit out of character the last season ... It's like they try to do too much but fall short ... Anyways, at least they should show Justin coming back for a visit or something. I mean after all they've put US through~~ Heck, if I can do a long distance relationship (US-Singapore) for 3 years, they should be able to do one between Pennsylvania and New York!

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  10. Well at least Brian and Justin didn't break up, and Justin did say he would visit, so who knows, maybe they did end up doing the long distance thing. Afterall, Justin went to LA, and ending up coming back to Pittsburgh.

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  11. If it looks just like the handbag but no handles, it is called the "trousse Bolide". I have one in wool, very cute and convenient.
  12. like this?
    (from rakuten)
    bolide cosmetic case.jpg
  13. omg...were you in Vancouver hermes?

    yes it retailed for 7500 ish.
  14. not something you'ld want to spend on for a tiny croc piece to hold your cosmetics!

    you could get a whole Kelly for that price!
  15. Yes! :nuts: Know the display I'm talking about?