Anyone know what the Stam Kisslock problem was?

  1. I remember someone posting about a batch of Stams being recalled becuase of the Kisslock problem. I was just curious what the actual problem was? Also, is the kisslock normally a little hard to open?

  2. I believe it wouldn't stay closed, kept popping open. Were they actually recalled? I think with kisslocks you just have to get the hang of it, opening it I mean.
  3. The original batch of Stams (with the antiqued hardware) were the ones with the problem - the kisslock popped open usually when worn with the chain. The new batches (with the shiny hardware) have an extra little piece on the kisslock which keeps it from popping open - this does make it tighter and sometimes a little tricky to open, but it's really a great improvement, since it now doesn't pop open involuntarily.

    It was only the original batch which had the problem - I don't think they were actually recalled. Someone recently posted something on here (which could start a rumor) that a SA used the Stams being recalled as an excuse for something, but this was clearly a case of typical SA misinformation - the new ones are fine.
  4. This was a common problem with the F/W 05 bags. The kisslocks popped open when the bag was carried by the chain;also there was gaps in the frame.

    I heard rumours of a recall but there was certainly no mass recall and I can't confirm that there was any. Most of the girls just kept their bags.

    The SS06 model doesn't have this problem. The kisslock doesn't open with difficulty,but it requires some force.It has a little notch in the side to keep it closed. Much better,in this respect.

    Hope that answers your question.

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  5. LOL - QuirkyCool - jinx.
  6. I posted that I was told by a SA that all stams had been recalled (which totally surprised me)! the Saks in SF had no stams in stock and that was the reason given. I'm glad to hear the new stams don't have this problem.