Anyone know what the Spring Street retailed for before it was discontinued??

  1. Just wondering, this bag is grabbing my attention and I may start looking for one, I'm intrigued by the original S-Lock, but I usually don't like big hardware on a shiny or kinda flashy bag..... anyway, I am curious what it went for.....I know what I'm willing to pay, but still curious.....and is it suppose to have a clochette? I've seen some with and some without....There's one on Let-Trade right now that seems really cheap but not really a color I need/want and it def. looks used.....
  2. ^^ That's a good price for it. Holy cow.
  3. OMG!!!!! What a GORGEOUS bag, and it sold for $300..... wow. I just paid $50 more for a much more used one from Let Trade... oh well, win some lose some, I'm still gonna love mine forever and fix the vachetta and all that.... whoever bought that got a killer deal....and, I'm sure they deserve it....Lola, I don't like the yellow green either...
  4. Ditto. I just about stopped breathing when I saw that auction. But like you said, you win some and lose some. So far I'm only kicking myself over one eBay purchase (paid more than I should) and there are lots of deals that passed me by but I've had a few really good deals so...:yes:
  5. The person who bought it might have bought $10,000 worth of merchandise from seller, and got the killer deal... something inside... she took a best offer, maybe I'm wrong but that's the feeling I get... I'm probably about to pay too much for another ebay
  6. I thought it might be fake but it doesn't seem like it. Seems too good to be true price so yeah, they must've purchased something else too. LOL.
  7. I'm considering selling my BNIB Fuchsia Spring Street to local designer resale store here in the UK and I feel they have quoted me a rather low price. I cannot remember exactly what I originally paid for mine, I purchased it in the US in 2002. I have been searching the forum trying to find out and stumbled on this VERY old thread, I cannot find the answer anywhere. I know the Fuchsia is probably the most sought after and popular Vernis colour of all time, so it will be a very easy item for them to sell on at a huge premium no doubt over what they have offered me. I hope someone out there can provide the pricing info which will help me, perhaps some of you can even chip in giving me an idea of the current valuation to help me decide if I'm being ripped off or not.

    Please note I am absolutely not attempting to sell this item via the forum so hope my post is not breaking any rules.

  8. Have you tried asking a SA in a LV store? :smile: They might know..

  9. The year after fuschia was discontinued then your statement re popularity would probably have been very true. Not so much anymore. In 2002 you would have paid around 700 USD for it.

    Which resale store have you had a quote from? Ever thought about selling it yourself?
  10. That was my first thought too, sadly nobody could help me in the store.
  11. I'm sure it cost a fair bit over USD$1000, are you sure about the $700 figure you have suggested? I asked my husband as it was him who signed the credit card authorisation and even he remembers it being over $1000, he just can't be any more specific. He remembers commenting he didn't think it was worth the price for such a small bag. I usually carry much larger bags and he was very surprised by my choice initially, then shocked at the price, lol!

    I'd rather not say specifically which store I have been dealing with as it is just a small local designer resale agency with no online presence so it would be rather obvious to them I was querying this if they use this forum. I would also prefer to keep my home town location private, I'm sure you can understand.

    I'd rather avoid the hassle of attempting to sell it myself, just trying to ensure I don't get ripped off.

  12. I am absolutely positive. I have a price list!
  13. Is it a UK price list you have with the 2002 price quoted in GBP£ perhaps? I notice that you are UK based like me, perhaps the currency conversion could be the explanation. My husband is convinced it was over USD$1000.

  14. Nope. It's a USD price list. I'm sorry but it wasn't over 1000 USD.

    I bought 2 here in the UK and they certainly weren't £500 each. If I have time tomorrow I'll dig out my UK receipts. If memory serves then they were around £300/£350 GBP (and that wouldn't be over 1000 USD either).