anyone know what stores will have a thanksgiving sale on MJ?

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  1. I'm dying for that little flap with the faux lock or the little stam, but moreso the flap that is 798 I think. Anyone know any dept. store that will make my dream come true? LOL.:P
  2. or that new wristlet.. :smile:
  3. I was told by Nordies that their MJ wouldn't be on sale until December. I can tell you now Aarti that the stams (any size) aren't going to be on sale.
  4. And you just missed Bloomies F&F sale.. I think those bags were included... maybe there will be another one soon. Nordies had some presales for friday, from what I know some of the quilted fall bags, patent quilted, emerald soft calf, and capra satchel were included.
  5. ^^Yeah thats what I thought. Oh well, I like the wristlet and the flap more so. As for the family and friends that was stupidity on my part, kept putting it off because I've working overtime like crazy. however come saturday I went, but then my friend had an emergency after like 10 minutes of being there so I left, hoping there will be something worth while friday.