Anyone know what size Heidi from The Hill's speedy is?

  1. I'm normally in the chloe forum but am looking for a more practical bag.

    I'm about 5'5' and weigh about 50kgs so I really want to get the right size speedy for my frame.

    I've seen some speedy 25's and they look a little small, so perhaps a 30 then?

    I remember seeing Heidi on the hills with a speedy which looked to be the perfect size - anyone know which it was?

    Thanks! :p
  2. Think it was 35... correct me if I'm wrong ppl.:flowers:
  3. Thought it was the 25...? I remember it being smaller, but I could be wrong.
  4. However, if you think the 25 may be too small, go with the 30. The 35 is huge! 30 might be a practical size, but def go to the boutique and try on both sizes and see which looks better. It's good to see them in person.
  5. I saw a pic of her once with a speedy 25. You should check out the celebrities w/ LVs thread. She's petite like 5'2 I think.
  6. i'm pretty sure it was the 25!! HTH!
  7. Yeah I think it's a can barely see it here but it looks like the 25.
  8. ^ I do have DDR at home lol
  9. Lol I wondered what that was that she was standing on.
  10. I think it's 25
  11. Oops already won a 30. I guess I can just see how it fits and sell if too big?
  12. ^^That's what I'd do. I personally prefer the 30 though.
  13. Yeah,its a 25. Ive just bought a mono 30 and am thankful i did. The extra space is really good.
  14. I think at 5'5" the 30 will be very nice on you. I'm glad that I got the 30. Fits all my normal stuff with plenty of room for extras like a water bottle, yogurt, etc.
  15. IMO the 25 is just a little too small (unless you are tiny). I am 5'3 and 110lbs and have the 30 - it is perfect!!!!!!